Hello, I'm Jonathan Madera

Hello, I'm Jonathan Madera

Hello, I'm Jonathan Madera

I use my 18 years of design experience and my right-sided brain to innovate and craft unforgettable and delightful products.

Currently the Director of Product Design at Data Axle, I'm a people-focused creative problem solver who loves helping people and improving lives.


As an experienced practitioner, I've discovered I can do my job better by scaling through a team. Although I directly design the experiences of users, I've been able to also do it indirectly by hiring and shaping amazing teams. 


Find yourselves trapped in endless meetings where resolutions seem elusive? I design and mediate workshops that guide your team to generate the best ideas, define, prioritize, and commit to them.


I get a great deal of satisfaction investing my time and energy in developing others through design critiques, soft skill advice, advancement of personal craft, and career path advice.



Helya Zand
UX Researcher @ InVision

"I reported to Jon during our time at Shopkick and it was a great experience! Foremost, Jon is a very creative problem-solver and designer. The way he breaks down the user's pain points and creates solutions for them, is fascinating to see and what every researcher hopes for in a partnership. As a manager, he created an environment where I felt comfortable asking for advice and direction. He has a hands-off but present approach, that I really appreciated. Would love the opportunity to work with him again in the future."


Katelyn Bianchini-Williamsen
Product Designer @ Meetup

"It was fantastic to work under Jon, who is an exceptional Director of Design. His approach to both management and design is motivational, knowledgeable, and powerful. He is sympathetic to both the users' and his employees' needs and goals. He displays a level of skill that has taken many years to master, and strives to share that knowledge through competent mentorship. I hope to work with Jon again in the future."


Ryan Sullivan
Data Engineering Manager @ Meta

"Jon and I have worked together multiple times and I can say with confidence there is no designer I’d rather work on a product with and the reason is simple: Jon has taste. Rather than look at problems in isolation, Jon always seeks to understand the full context, ensuring the user journey is consistent and complete. His approach and personality mean design becomes part of the culture, not just a hop in the product development process. Finally, Jon is forever a student of design, forever sharpening his skills and striving for innovation."


Jason Brown
Front End Architech @ Data Axle

"Bleeding edge UX and design, combined with exceptional leadership is what comes to mind when I think about Jon.

I had the opportunity to work with Jon for a little under a year at Data Axle, Jon was the Vice President of design during that time.

On a technical level I was always impressed with how Jon could take seemingly boring concepts and make them feel new and exciting. He has his finger on the pulse of current and upcoming design trends, not sure how he keeps up but no concept presented was ever boring or outdated.

In addition to his design and UX skills I witnessed Jons exceptional leadership, during my time working with Jon he built a design team of many highly talented and efficient individuals. I had the opportunity to be part of interviews as he built his team. I quickly realized Jon is a great judge of character and has an uncanny knack in recognizing great talent, even when it wasn’t always apparent to others. What I admire most about Jon however is his positive attitude mixed with a calm demeanor, even under the most stressful conditions. Jon is someone his team is always able to look to for confidence, motivation, and support regardless of the situation.

I cannot overstate how valuable Jon would be to any team in a technical, or especially a leadership role. Jon has the highest recommendation I can give."